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Cass Warner Sperling, Director & Producer

cass warnerEchoing the original motto set forth by her grandfather, Harry Warner president and co-founder of the Warner Bros. studio, Cass Warner founded Warner Sisters with the passion of carrying on a legacy to use film to “educate, entertain and enlighten” — the original motto for the studio.

Accompanying her father, twice Oscar-nominated writer/producer, Milton Sperling, to the Warner Bros. lot on Saturday was where her fascination and dedication to this art form was born.

Cass began by studying acting. Finding the roles for women limiting, she expanded into screenwriting under the mentorship of her father and Howard Koch of Casablanca fame. Her affiliation with and admiration for Koch grew into a close friendship, which led to her being trusted with all his un-produced works: screenplays, plays, short stories and novels, which she is developing into a library.

In addition to writing and developing her own and others’ screenplays, Cass authored a book documenting her forefathers’ rags-to-riches tale. The special 85th Anniversary edition of The Brothers Warner (formerly known as Hollywood Be Thy Name: The Warner Brothers Story is now in its seventh printing and available at amazon.com.

“Conversations with Cass”, a series of one-on-one conversations with some of todays’ most recognized actors and other notable personalities grew out of her love for nurturing and encouraging others to make their dreams a reality and wanting to create an inspirational film library for her non-profit, “The Dream Factory”. Moving away from pre-packaged Q&A sessions, each dialogue shares how obstacles were overcome along the way to success. It’ written, directed, and hosted by Cass. The Starz Channel has aired clips from her interviews with Matthew McConaughey, Giovanni Ribisi and her son, actor Cole Hauser. For more information go to: www.ConversationsWithCass.com.

She wrote, directed and produced a feature length documentary on her family, “THE BROTHERS WARNER”, with Oscar winning editor, Kate Amend (Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of Kindertransport), and multi-Grammy award winning composer, David Campbell (Brokeback Mountain).

Warner Sisters earned an “Association with” credit on You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story, a five part series of the history of the studio and of their films, with Clint Eastwood narrating. Cass received a “Consulting Producer” credit.

She is the proud mother of four children.  Her son, Cole Hauser, is an award winning actor and has been working in the business since he was 15.

She is a member of the International Documentary Association, American Film Institute, Film Independent, Digital Cinema Society, Women in Film, the Earth Organization and Artists for Human Rights.

Ms. Warner continues to be a supporter and creative consultant of the restoration of her family’s original theater in New Castle, Pennsylvania, which has engendered a downtown revitalization project.

Cass is producing an A-list feature film on her family with Alain Goldmain ("La Vie En Rose"). Nicholas Pileggi ("Casino" and "Goodfellas") is writing the screenplay. Her book, "The Brothers Warner" was optioned as well. For further information about her current projects, please go to www.warnersisters.com.