Cass WarnerIn her early twenties, Cass realized that no one in the family was sharing who the brothers were nor preserving the true history of the Warner brothers. Wanting to honor these pioneers, especially her grandfather, Harry Warner, who she was very close to for the first decade of her life, motivated her to dedicate her creative life to this cause. While raising four children, she spent over a decade researching who these men were, and how they created their game.

Discovering fascinating information about her grandfather, she was reminded of the quality of caring he had for the immediate family and also for his employees and mankind. He was and is a continual inspiration to her.

The philosophy of life that these brothers demonstrated and lived was a huge catalyst that carried Cass through all the trials and tribulations that got her through the challenges that presented themselves as she went for her goal and dream of sharing this amazing tale. In 2006, she was inspired to create a non-profit called "The Dream Factory Project, Inc."

The book, "The Brothers Warner," was picked up by a publisher in 1993. The original title was "Hollywood Be Thy Name: The Warner Brothers Story." (Howard Koch, who won an Academy Award for writing the classic film, "Casablanca," suggested the "Hollywood Be Thy Name" part of the title as it was going to be boringly called "The Warner Brothers Story." Howard became a mentor and surrogate grandpa to Cass for many years.)

After a decade of trying to expand on the form in which to tell the story, and being disappointed in the attempts proposed for a mini-series, Cass decided to produce, direct and write a documentary film with the multi-talented Oscar-winning editor, Kate Amend. Due to Kate's mentoring Cass, the film was completed in less than a year. Her good fortune of having her dear friend, David Campbell's phenomenal talents as a composer to create the music helped Cass to garner lots of film festival awards for her efforts in 2008-2009. It also aired on PBS/American Masters television. Cass was greatly honored by being nominated by The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences for her directing skills in 2009.

"The Brothers Warner" documentary was distributed by Warner Home Video, and the title of her book evolved into having the same name. The book is now in its seventh printing and available at