THE BROTHERS WARNER is a legendary Hollywood family’s rags-to-riches tale told in cinematic-style by using personal recollections, and lots of never-before-seen photos, as well as the voices of family members and former Warner Bros. associates—transporting readers into the brothers' lives.

It is the definitive biography of four pioneering brothers who built an empire on a dream and revolutionized Hollywood. They transformed their vision from a 100-seat Nickelodeon theatre into a giant of the film entertainment industry, which lives on today. As told by Harry Warner’s granddaughter, Cass Warner Sperling, the story of the Warner brothers is both an intimate biography and a look at film history during its formative years. It chronicles their pioneering efforts and innovations as they produced the first feature film with synchronized sound, created socially conscious films and much more. It reveals highlights of their journey as well as takes an inside, personal look at the details of the brothers’ expertise, their relationships, Hollywood history, and what caused the end of their family run dynasty.


Even in a town where fact often reads like lurid fiction, the Warner story remains special. It is fascinating, with moments equally of revelation and melancholy.

~Charles Champlin, American film critic and writer


"...good interest to students of Hollywood history."

~Publishers Weekly


"Even though I spent seven years at the studio writing 'Casablanca,'  Sergeant York," and others, I learned things from this book I didn't know and never suspected."

~Howard Koch, screenwriter


Finally, a book about the Warner's telling the fabulous story from the perspective of Harry Warner, the original, "brains behind the organization." Written from a very personal viewpoint by Harry's granddaughter, I was entranced page after page with details about the origin of the studio, the relationship of the brothers, and the outstanding product the studio produced. Add in a salty quip from Bette Davis, a visit to Jack Warner's Angelo Drive manse and of course, a discussion of the gangster movies the studio made famous, and you have a recipe for a great read!

~Jeffrey H. Johns


Very entertaining...much like a Warner Brothers' film. Essentially a family member's truthful retelling of the Brothers' fascinating story. This an interesting family history of the Warner family. There are enough warts and peccadilloes revealed to bring the brothers and their mogul era to life.

~Linda Prince


I used this book as a source for a research paper. It was written beautifully. It was a very intimate look into the lIves of the Warner Brothers and those around them.

~Amazon customer


I really enjoyed reading this story. I love classic cinema, and it's nice to have the point of view of a family member. It's a really great story of American Immigrants to success, the story of an American family triumphing over hardships and working together.

~Kindle customer